Social Movement in Colombia Rises Up in Defense of Water

In Colombia a nascent social movement is unifying disparate social issues under one banner : the defense of water.

The Town of Tamesis characterized by its natural beauty, richness in Natural resources is under threat of mining, infrastructure mega-projects

The southeast of Antioquia is a zone where there are a lot of forests and a lot of water, and now that private and multinational companies have begun to enter the region, the campesino communities are very worried,

This new invasion of mining companies make a threat to the way of life of traditional campesino (small scale farmers and rural workers) communities.

Traditionally, the region’s small scale farmers have lived by growing crops such as corn, plantain and beans for the local market, and coffee and citrics for exports

Fears are now growing that this situation could get even worse with government plans to sell off its 57% stake in the company responsible for many of these projects.

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Haitian presidential elections

The Haitian general election, originally scheduled in Haiti for 28 February 2010, was postponed to 28 November…A kompa singer known as “Sweet Micky”, the winner of the country’s chaotic presidential race. after defeating Mirlande Manigat in the second round of the presidential election.

Haitian Migrants in Dominican Republic

Hundreds of thousands of Haitians live at least part time in the Dominican Republic, enduring frequent discrimination and the constant fear of being deported, they crossing the border in search of employment and more oportunities that in the Americas poorest country. For years, relations between the governments of Haiti and the Dominican Republic have been strained. Many Dominicans view their chaotic and impoverished neighbor with suspicion. Many conversation moves on to human rights violations in the DR

Haitian Voodoo Festivals

Haitian Voodoo is a religion brought to the island of Haiti by African slaves.
Voodoo, meaning “spirit,” may be one of the world’s oldest ancestral, nature-honoring traditions. At a voodoo ceremony, believers gather outdoors to make contact with the Loa, any of a pantheon of spirits who have various functions running the universe, Rituals and sacrifices are used to rejuvenate them, and it is believed that the life force of a sacrificed animal will transfer to the spirit,To the Haitians, Voodoo is the true path, and fulfillment comes through service to the spirits

Haitian Voodoo Cap Haitien

Haitian Voodoo Festival at La Plaine du Nord:
The St Jacques Majeur is by far the biggest celebration during which revelers spend up to 15 days in the village offering candles, food for the poor and money for the church and celebrating.The festival it is part spiritual renewal and Possession is part of West African religious traditions. Voodoo is a mix of Catholicism and West African beliefs.